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Here are some images of the work we’ve done on roofs in the District

Metal roof refinishing

The process of refinishing a metal roof begins with a thorough cleaning. The surface is cleaned of any dirt, debris, or loose and flaking paint. The roof is then closely inspected and repaired as needed. Then, depending on the coating chosen by the homeowner based on our recommendations, we coat the roof by hand so that we make sure every inch of metal roof surface is sealed.

Basement leak repair

This is one of the services we offer that isn’t related to roofing. There are many ways to waterproof a basement, some we offer and some we don’t, but the most basic is to seal the inside of the basement walls with a waterproof sealer that resists hydrostatic pressure. It’s very important to seal any holes and cracks before sealing, and then to chose the proper sealer and apply it accordingly.

Unsealed block wallRepaired and sealed wall
Before and After

A damp, and/or leaking basement can cause many problems for your home. Don’t put off repairs, call us today.

One of the most important steps to prevent water penetration into your basement is to properly direct the water from your roof away from your home. This is why functional gutters are so important. They are your front line defense against water in your basement.

New Mansard Slate Roof

Slate is one of the most durable, and one of the oldest, roofing materials in use. A properly installed slate roof will last over 100 years in some cases. One of the drawbacks of slate is the cost of both materials and installation, but beauty and longevity are worth the cost to many homeowners looking for a new roof in Washington DC.


  • Hole in middle of slate roof
  • Slate in process of replacement
  • Finished slate roof replacement

There are many roofing contractors in Washington DC, but not many have as much experience in slate roof repairs as CJ Roofing.

Rubber Roof Refinishing

Smooth Modified Bitumen roofs last almost twice as long if they are coated versus uncoated. We first clean the roof off of any dirt and debris, then after inspection we seal all flashings, vents, pipe boots, and any seam as needed. We then apply a generous coat of aluminum or silicone roof coating.

Contact Us Today to make your roof like new!

If you’d like to contact us with any specific questions or concerns, or if you’d like references to a job similar to yours, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Whether you want a roof repair, new roof, partial roof replacement, or a complete roof replacement, Let CJ Roofing be your roofer in Washington DC.

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