First Responders Discount

Thank You

First responders badges

We’d like to show our appreciation to all men and women in uniform, especially our Police officers, paramedics and Firefighters. Our city would grind to a halt without you on the front lines every day ensuring our safety and the continued functioning of society.

We’d also like to show our appreciation to the government employees in DC, both Federal and District of Columbia employees. Under appreciation, and often times underpaid, we’d like to also offer you this discount as a small token of our appreciation.

Savings can be used on repairs, coatings, or full replacement,

(See our military discount also)

First responders discount and government employees discount

Ask for this discount at time of service receive 10% off the total cost up to $4000 (for a max discount of $400) Cannot be combined with other discounts offers.

First responders badges

Thank you Charlie for fixing up my roof!

Robert McDougal on Facebook

Great experience with Charlie and his team. Thanks

Vincent Mueller on Google

CJ Roofing repaired my roof, and the done a great job! I’m very pleased and happy to provide them with a review because they done exactly what they said they would, and unlike other experiences I’ve had with contractors, the price I paid was the same as the one the quoted before work began. A … Continue reading Lisa Smothers on Google

Lisa Smothers on Google

My home inspection report recommended we coat the roof within a year of purchase on our new home in DC and we kept putting it off, but when we recently sprang a leak we feared that we’d waited too long. Thankfully Charlie and his company were able to patch the leak and then apply the … Continue reading Martha Wright on Yelp!

Martha Wright on Yelp!
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